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For us,

home is a special place.

We don’t like materialism, but love aesthetics. We see less as more, and so everything, however small, should be chosen with care.

Spaces are more than just functional, convenient, and beautiful. They host the daily moments that design our stories and contain them indefinitely, feeding our memories, our eyes, and our most basic needs. 

Small details can make a space feel complete. Elegant, whimsical or utilitarian. A thoughtfully-curated collection of accessories can speak volumes about how a space should function and feel – and positively impact the experience of the people who occupy it.  


Chic, high-quality waste bins, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, for instance, have the power to transform a bathroom space.  The small amount of additional effort has an outsize efect; those using the space feel more refined as they revel in the understated luxury.  

Quality is not elitism, but sustainability.  It’s products like this we select. Here, you’ll find major designers, brands and design classics, but also interesting new products that suit the style. Our philosophy is simple. We want to make a space better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to.


Don’t just add an object to a room:  elevate it by adding something unexpected and poetic.

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